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These are Ivan and Maria, creators of concept shades,


Ivan has more than 10 years of experience working as a windows treatments installer, he acquired his expertise and mastery of the trade in Florida, he is incredibly meticulous and precise, as he is convinced that a good installation is what guarantees that the client can have the final product that he expects. His extensive experience in the industry has provided him with technical expertise in all types of window treatments from roller shades to curtains, every project he has been involved in has been successfully completed. she is a positive, friendly and hard working person which is clearly seen through her attitude and demeanor.



We are a team.

Maria, since she met Ivan she listened with attention and admiration to all the stories he told her about his work in the windows treatments facilities which made her interested and fall in love with this world.

She managed to adapt the patience, gentleness and knowledge in the area of windows treatments to offer personalized advice, she uses these skills to achieve the satisfaction of her clients, she is interested in environmental psychology and how the elements of interior design can produce positive feelings such as creativity, peace and happiness in general.

Maria’s integrity, impeccable attention to detail and excellent communication skills have helped her develop lasting relationships with her clients.


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